Internal Assesment

The College does not conduct any examination on its own. All the examinations are conducted by the University of Jammu. The University has laid down certain rules for appearing in the examination and for Internal Assessment to be awarded to the students to the extent of 20% of total marks. Internal Assessment tests are conducted by the college as per the criteria mentioned below. A student should have attended at least 75% lectures out of the total lectures delivered during the academic session.


5% of the total Internal Assessment marks shall be awarded for regularity of attendance  according to the following scale (Both Theory and Practical):-

Below 75% of the total number or lectures delivered


From 75% to 80% of the total number of lectures delivered


80.01% to 85% of the total number of lectures delivered


85.01% to 90% of the total number of lectures delivered


Above 90% of the total number of lectures delivered



50% marks in Practical Paper at all levels are reserved for Internal Assessment of a student which shall be made on the basis of his/her daily performance.


20% marks in the Theory Paper are reserved for Internal Assessment. The break-up of marks for each subject is as under

B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./BCA/BBA Part-I,II,III


Two Assessment tests








1st Internal Assessment Test will be held during Ist  to 12th November 2014 and the 2nd Internal Assessment Test Ist  to 12th Feb. 2015 Rs. 50 per subject in one test will be charged from a student if he/she after having been unable to take the Internal Assessment test due to any reason, wants to take the supplementary test. Besides, Rs.50 per subject will be charged if a student (who has failed in the internal assessment test) wants to re-appear in order to improve his/her performance.

However for PG students 20% of total marks shall be reserved for internal assessment only. No attendance marks are allotted.