Women Development Cell

A Women Development Cell was inaugurated in Govt. Degree College(Boys) Udhampur by the Principal Dr. Ashok Kumar Manwati. In his inaugural speech, he congratulated the staff and students for adding yet another significant feature to this institution. Stressing on the need of establishing such centers, he said that the conservative approach  has led to social atrocities and neglect of women, hence curtailing the liberty, freedom and rights of women. There is a need to organize such education programs that communicate their findings and contribute to the framing of legislative laws to safeguard women’s interests. The students, teachers and members of the community shall have to work together to elevate the status of women. He hoped that the centre, serving the purpose of its establishment, organizes interdisciplinary research, seminars and conferences examining the women issues such as education, employment family structure, social justice, empowerment etc. and produces scholarly publications from these activities.

He further said that in a society where societal pressures lead to honour killings, female feticide, bride-burning, sex-discrimination etc, an  awareness to safeguard of women’s interests needs to be generated. Women’s role is not only confined to raise progeny but her enormous potential can also contribute to the development of human society. Worldwide they are leading big corporate sector and taking decisions which matter in the market place.


Earlier, the welcome address was delivered by Prof. Kusam Gupta, Convener of the centre. She outlined the details of the activities to be taken up by the centre. She said that the centre shall act as a platform of awareness generation through workshops.  Others who spoke on  this occasion  include  Prof.S.S.Bhalwal and Prof.Tara Nath. Hosted in the Department of Chemistry of the college, the Centre has on its board Prof. Kusam Gupta, Prof.Meenu Mahajan, Prof. Sadhna Sharma and Dr. Anita Sharma as members. All the staff members, teaching and non-teaching, and students attended the program.