Principal's Message


Welcome to the Village!
I have used the word village because today, the world has become a global village. With the launching of the website of the GovernmentDegreeCollege (Boys) Udhampur, we  have also entered this village and secured a firm cottage for ourselves.All those including myself who belong to the pre 90’s generation, is a transitory period. I vividly remember when I used to go to school and our Masterji would daily check our takhti written with kalams for good handwriting; the questions of mathematics solved on slates and the recitation of poems and paharas (tables) in the class. When grown up in college days,

Prof. S.S Bhalwal


I used to sit in library  going through various books to look up just one topic. Contrary to all this my son goes on the  net, seeks google and his desired topic is in front of him. Now at the click of a button we have the whole world before us. This is all a fantastic change that is still going on, enabling us to feel that it is a transitory period for our generations.

Let me admit, the launching of our website is no doubt a delayed action on our part, but still we have made it. The delay has been caused because of some unavoidable compulsions : our team tried to put all possible relevant information regarding Government Degree College Boys Udhampur on this site, though we agree that a lot must still be in the pipeline waiting to be loaded. As this is an ever changing ever improving process we will be uploading the requisite information continuously.

As the prestigious College of ours is entering the fiftieth glorious year of its inception we have tried to club the past with the present focusing on future. And the future has a lot in store for us. Development and progress are not a one time function; they are also a continuing process like culture and civilization. In the immediate days, activities are going to unfold with the start of Heritage Cell, making of a state of the art Conference Hall, another sophisticated Computer lab, the first ever National level Conference,  the Alumni Meet, the formal functioning of  the Multipurpose Hall and many more. We shall, of course be uploading all these on our website. Above all, efforts will be made to resort to the maximum use of e – support systems, there by reducing dependency on paper ultimately leading to saving forests, saving Mother Earth !




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