Does the College provide financial assistance to the students?


The College provides financial assistance or student aid out of its fund to the deserving poor and needy students. The College also recommends its bonafide students for other schemes like Post-Metric Scholarship etc. College scholarship Committee may be approached for details.


Ragging banned in your College?


Ragging is strictly banned in this College. Any student found guilty of ragging shall be dealt with strictly. The student may report such cases through our website or personally to the Principal. Strict instructions have been displayed in campus in this regard.


Can we change our subjects after admission is over?


Change of subjects is ordinarily discouraged owing to inconvenience created by this process. Once the admission is over registration return is sent to the university. The College arranges for counseling of students at the time of admission to guide the applicants regarding various subject combinations and their importance in todays world. The candidates are expected to satisfy themselves before they opt for any subject combination. However, the decision of the Principal in any matter of the College is final and binding.


How can we join NCC and NSS?


The College encourages extension activities of community service through various units like NCC and NSS. After the beginning of regular classwork, the incharge NSS/NCC invites applications through notices. The desirous students may respond and get permanent registered. Preference is given to the Ex-Cadets, Physical fitness, meritorious etc.


What is the process of getting library books issued?


Students can avail of this facility during College working hours. They may read library rules on our website or in our prospectus. The vast treasure of book available with us should be used by the students.


What is the criteria of admission to the hostel?


The College has accommodation for Boys hostel only. Girls are accommodated in the hostel of Govt. College for Women, Udhampur. The students are required to apply for the hostel on the prescribes Performa (available in the prospectus) at the time of admission. The committee considers various parameter like distance ,merit, income group etc. to prepare the selection list.


Whom to submit complaints, if any?


Every year a grievance Redresal Committee is framed by the Principal to deal with such matters of students and staff. On line complaint can also be logged through our website.