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Browsing Centre

Information and Communication Technology has become necessary in today’s global world. Every institution must have compulsorily computer and internet facilities for its students and staff at one place. Every individual require access for many computer related work like emails, search for academic related material, project preparation, online classes, attending of seminars, workshop, online taxation filing, web browsing, computer certificate courses etc. The user can also be provided with some additional facilities like photocopying, printing of documents and project reports at a single centre. Browsing centre can prove as one the best student and staff support centre as almost all the correspondences and work are computer related now a days.

Objectives for establishing Browsing Centre

  • To promote ICT enabled services in the college
  • To provide internet and computer facilities to students and staff.
  • To promote and establish online learning platform.
  • To provide additional facilities like photocopying and printing for students and staff.
  • To provide a platform for online classes, seminar, workshops etc.
  • To encourage computer literacy programme and provide infrastructure inputs.
  • E-resource support for students.
  • To help in managing Management Information System for college to provide better information access to all the stakeholders.
  • Resource mobilization by utilizing centre for online examination conducted by various agencies.

Activities to be undertaken in Browsing Centre

  • Web browsing
  • Internet and computer access by students and staff.
  • Video conferencing
  • Organize online classes, workshops, seminars whenever required.
  • Photocopying and printing facilities during online access and project work.
  • Hub for E-content resources for all UG and PG programmes.
  • Arranging computer and internet space for computer literacy programmes, certificate courses and online examinations with uninterrupted supply of electricity and high speed internet facilities.
  • Preparation of different modules for providing information to stakeholders.


  • The students who are enrolled in the college for UG and PG programmes.
  • The college staff. Aspiring students appearing for online examinations.
  • The students enrolled in different certificate courses.
  • Academic staff preparing E-content course material, organizing online seminars, workshops.

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