Affiliated to the University of Jammu

Recognized by UGC & NAAC Accrtd. 'B' Grade



To inculcate a sense of discipline among the youth and to develop their character, the ideal of service, capacity for leadership and a spirit of comradeship, the College provide facilities for N.C.C training to the volunteer students. This also aims at providing service and adventure training to the youth so as to stimulate their interest in the defense of the country and also to build up a reserve of manpower for the Armed Forces. Many of our cadets are serving the Forces in various capacities.


Two wings of NCC Infantry are there, namely:


1) Senior Division (Boys) 80 Seats

2) Senior Division (Girls) 50 Seats



The NCC cadets are trained under the guidance of Major Kamal Kishore and Lt. Shivani Sharma Associate NCC Officers of the college.





·        Every enrolled NCC cadet shall have to undergo two parades of two- hour duration each in a week and is required to attend at least 40 parades in a year.


·        All cadets shall have to put in 75% attendance at parades so as to become eligible for certificate exams.


·        Enrolled cadets will have to attend at least one camp.


·        Uniform issued to the cadets is to be used with great care. The uniforms are to be returned at the end of academic session to the concerned officers failing which permission will not be accorded to appear in the University examination.

·        â€˜B’ and ‘C’ certificate examinations are held annually for cadets in 2nd and 3rd year of NCC training respectively.


·        Misbehavior and misconduct in NCC activities as adjudged by Associate NCC Officers can debar a cadet from appearing in the University examination.

·        Enrolled students are covered by insurance against any mishap during the training period. 




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